The signature Takai Technology

If the quality requirement is paramount in the development of our scissors, we also pay the utmost attention to the service we deliver.

Each pair of scissors comes in an elegant box featuring:

A wooden box, a service booklet with an oil felt and a chamois leather for maintenance, reducing rings for your comfort and a key for adjusting the pressure of the blades.

All our creations have an engraved serial number to ensure a personalized service and traceability in the after-sales service.




Two sharpening without limitation in time are offered to you.

These operations include: spike control, blade curves, readjustment of branches and possible replacement of parts.

If your pair of scissors falls or suffers a shock, do not be afraid, our know-how allows us to restore your favorite tool.

To validate your warranty, register under "Register my warranty"




Only our workshops are certified to perform check-ups and sharpenings.

The return of your scissors in the shortest time possible is our priority.

Several Customer Service methods are offered, to best meet your needs: 

* Classic Distributor Method: Your Takai distributor will take your scissors, send them to us and then return them to you.  

* Direct Workshop Method: You can mail your scissors to our workshops.  We will return them directly to you. 

*Premium Method: Our customer service representative will pick up your scissors from your salon and send them to our workshops, with the guarantee of priority service. 

To learn more about our customer service shipment methods, contact us by phone at +33 (0)4 93 19 33 80, by e-mail at or on our website at




The felt pen Takai oil: it allows an optimal lubrication of the pair of scissors while facilitating the deburring. The oil felt is to be used at the level of the entablure to ensure a perfect crossing of the blades.

Chamois skin: it allows to wipe the blades after each cut. For the cleaning of the blades, sterilizers are recommended but make sure to leave no trace of moisture on your pair of scissors by gently wiping it with chamois leather.

Never dip your pair of scissors in bleach : In case of use of anti-bacterial chemical sprays, it is always imperative to wipe your blades then with the chamois skin because these products are very corrosive.

Holster or wooden box : protects the pair from shock or fall by carefully storing it.

Never put a pair of scissors unprotected in a drawer with other metal objects (lawnmowers, hair clips or other scissors, this severely damages a pair of scissors by the possible shock mics and the interaction of the steels)

Never cut anything other than human hair

Check the blade tension: Before starting your work day or as soon as you feel a reduction in cutting efficiency, check the pressure of the blades to make sure that the blade is good. A simple, fast and primordial gesture. Perfect tension ensures soft opening and closing for smooth cuts and precision in the cutting edge of the blades. Insufficient tension causes damage to the blades. Refer to the service booklet for this setting.

If your pair of scissors falls: Our know-how allows us to restore the pair of scissors. This is part of the service and a revision will be deducted from the 2 traditional sharpening. It is important not to cut with your pair to avoid damaging the blades and to send it to us as soon as possible.