New product

With its serious and pure design

Kuma is the signature of a clean cut.

  • Size : 5.5 inches
  • HIP Vanadium/Molybdenum Powdered Steel
  • Hamaguri sharpening
  • Screw System
  • Removable nger rest

Suggested Hairstylist Price : 270,00 € tax excl.

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The signature of high technology

This is the new generation of sintered or powdered steel. It’s a process called Hot Isostatic Pressing in which nano particles of powdered steel are compacted and compressed under heat by more than 1500 presses in an oven.

This process, initially used in aeronautics and medicine, has been extended to the creation of high-end scissors.

The result is very dense and pure steel for increased durability of the cutting edge and greater cutting pleasure.

For the high-end Karakuri collection, the best quality of powdered steel is selected.

The advantage of HIP with its various powdered steels is that it enables us to oer more accessible scissors in terms of cost. Kuma is the incarnation

Steel Type HIP powdered steel enriched with vanadium and molybdenum
Sharpening Type Hamaguri
Finger Rest Removable