HIP Steel

A new generation of sintered or powdered steel, HIP is a process of Hot Isostatic Pressing.

Nano-particles of the best steels are selected, then compacted and compressed under heat
in an oven by more than 1,500 presses.

This manufacturing process results in pure, very dense steel for increased durability of the blade edge
and greater cutting pleasure.


Personalized Excellence

In Japanese, Karakuri means a clever device. These are two-part scissors that you create based on your personal comfort and technical needs.

This innovative, patented concept lets you save money by repurchasing only the blades.

Made of Premium HIP powdered steel, the KARAKURI line lets you choose from 4 handle designs and 4 blade lengths, based on your cutting techniques.

Master volume with your choice of 2 thinning scissors (15 or 30 teeth) according to your desired thinning and texturizing work.

Prevent MSD, musculoskeletal disorders, with the optional patented SWO handles with their 3 sizes of rotating rings to preserve your health and career.

Optional urethane-coated handles for ultra-sensitive hands. The Karakuri line is personalized for your ultimate cutting pleasure and the management of your scissor budget!

  • Choice of blades: 5″/5.5″/5.8″/6.3″ inches
  • Choice of thinning blades: 15 or 30 teeth; European Style upon request
  • Premium HIP Japanese steel
  • Karakuri Collection
  • Hamaguri Sharpening
  • Screw System
  • Integrated finger rest