Summum Japanese Steel

SUMMUM and HAKAMA scissors are made from this steel.

This alloy is enriched with Vanadium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Chrome, Tungsten and Manganese.
The perfect combination of these elements gives the steel exceptional properties:

improved resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, reinforced anti-oxidant properties, increased strength.

This steel is especially recommended for cutting dry hair.

Takai Summum 2023


Scissors that Respond to Your Need for Perfection!

Pure lines and double sharpening system for an exceptional cutting edge.

In addition to Hamaguri convex sharpening, the Summum has the Miracle Slit, micro slits on the edge of the blade. As a result, with straight cutting, the Summum lets you cut very thick strands, with the small slits collecting the hair; with thinning/sliding, the movement is precise and quick with cutting softness.

Size: 5.5″ or 6.3″ inches
Summum Japanese Steel
Double Hamaguri and Miracle Slit sharpening
Screw System mounted on a ball bearing
Integrated finger rest

Price: 820€ (Tax Excluded)


Scissors with a Unique Style

The assertive design of the blades gives these scissors exceptional cutting power. Handling is instinctive thanks to the curved thumb ring. These scissors are the signature of unlimited cutting pleasure. 

Size: 5.5″/5.8″/6.3″/6.8″ inches
Summum Japanese steel
Hamaguri sharpening
Screw System
Integrated finger rest

Price: 650€ (Tax Excluded)