While the demand for quality is essential in the designing of our scissors, it is also essential in the service we provide to stylists.

Our scissors are designed with a durable and renewable cutting edge. 

We offer 2 free sharpenings over an unlimited period of time to assure the excellence of the cutting edge and cutting pleasure.

Scissors are a very personal tool.  Like the tip of a pen, the handles and blades are made by the stylist’s hand, to the tension of each movement. So, when stylists ask us how often they should have their blades sharpened, our answer is always random.  It all depends on a number of factors: how you’ve maintained your scissors, the pressure you exert when cutting, the cutting techniques based on the chosen steel.

That’s why our service is unlimited over time for these 2 free sharpenings. 

We know your concerns. The most frequently expressed is what to do if you drop your scissors.

Don’t worry. Our know-how enables us to restore your favorite tool. 

If that happens, don’t continue to cut with the scissors, to prevent further damage to the blades, even if the impact seems minor.

That’s part of the service we offer for your scissors.   One sharpening/check-up will be deducted.

A durable and renewable cutting edge is manifested by your fidelity in our service.

Over the years, we’ve been touched by your messages and honored by your confidence in our service.  Takai Japanese scissors have a long and beautiful history with enthusiastic stylists.


Each pair of Takai scissors is engraved with a unique serial number to assure personalized and traceable customer service.

Each sharpening includes checking the tips and blade curvature, readjusting the handles and replacing parts, if necessary.


Hamaguri sharpening is a meticulous technique that requires great expertise and know-how.

Only our workshops are certified to perform maintenance on your scissors.

1-You can take your scissors to the Takai distributor who will then send them to us.

2-You can send your scissors directly to our workshop. Depending on your country, a return fee will be requested for the return shipping. You can put up to 4 pairs of scissors in your package.

Our address is:

83600 FREJUS [France]
Phone: 04 93 19 33 80

Turn-around time in our workshops is approximately 3 weeks. If you have questions, contact us at  contact@takai-technology.com

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To best preserve the cutting quality of your scissors, it’s important to follow several maintenance suggestions.


Afin de préserver au mieux la qualité de coupe de votre paire de ciseaux quelques gestes de maintenance sont importants à connaître. En plus de l’affûtage convexe Hamaguri, la paire de ciseaux Summum possède le Miracle Slit, des micros fentes sur l’extrémité de sa lame. Résultat : en coupe droite, cette paire de ciseaux permet de couper des mèches très épaisses, les micros fentes retenant le cheveu ; en effilé-glissé, le geste de coupe est précis, rapide avec une très grande douceur.

After each cut, wipe the blades of your scissors with a soft, dry cloth. NOTE: If you use antibacterial disinfectant wipes, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you then wipe your scissors and blades with a soft, dry cloth. 


The Takai Oil felt pen, included with your scissors, ensures the proper crossing of the blades by carefully passing it over the hinge of your scissors. It will also remove small hairs stuck around the screw.

Remember to regularly check the blade pressure of your scissors
This is a simple but essential gesture to preserve the cutting edge of your scissors. Hold your scissors as in Diagram A, with the screw facing you. Release the ring and if the blade closes at once, the blade pressure is completely loosened.Carefully regulate the blade pressure by turning the provided adjustment key one notch clockwise. Then check the pressure.The adjustment will be made progressively by turning the key. Never force the key or you might damage the screw. Diagram B shows the ideal blade pressure. If the scissors are too tight, decrease the blade pressure by turning the screw on notch counter-clockwise. Then check the pressure. It’s better if the scissors are too tight rather than too loose. Loose blade pressure will seriously damage the blades of your scissors. The cut won’t be good and the hair will bend.


Protect your scissors by storing them in the provided case. Never put your scissors in a drawer or basket with other pairs of scissors, clippers or hairpins. That can create micro-nicks on the blades.

*Never cut anything except 100% human hair with your Takai scissors.