A Japanese thinning scissor designed for European stylists

Originally, Japanese thinning scissors were always presented with the teeth on the passive blade, the bottom blade, for softer texturizing of the hair since the nature of Asian hair is very different from Caucasian hair.

By working with the teeth on top, the texturizing is done more on the surface of the hair, so it’s more visible. These scissors are very popular with male styles for scissor-over-comb techniques, to soften the cutting lines or to structure a cut later.

Europa thinning scissors were therefore designed with the teeth on top, on the moving blade, to respond to European habits, techniques and cutting styles. 

The symmetrical style of these high-end scissors and the removable finger rest also allow the stylist to perform another cutting style more deeply with softer texturizing, like the Japanese style, by using the thinning scissor in the reversible way.

The sharpening of the Europa thinning scissors’ teeth allows for a softer cut with controlled and precise thinning.

  • Size: 30 teeth (Europa 300)/ 40 teeth (Europa 640) removes up to 35% of the thickness
  • VG-10 Cobalt Japanese steel
  • Hamaguri Sharpening
  • Screw System
  • Removable finger rest

Price : 380€ (Tax Excluded)